NN-OS: Neural Network Operating System

nn-os is a distributed computing environment with inherent 'adaptive learning' and asynchronous communication and control, suitable for the loosely-coupled or tightly-coupled embedded systems, in particular Beaglebone.

In this de novo computational paradigm, a control system is in communication with other control systems while it has local and network adaptive learning.


  • A group of manufacturing-floor robots multi-tasking as an autonomous collective
  • Patient monitor equipments all working seamlessly as a unit adapting to the patient/doctor/nurse needs
  • Large collection of fishery tanks managed by inter-twined collective of embedded systems and robots, feeding detecting toxins and diseases
  • A collection of UAVs flying in formation in communication with ground autonomous vehicles
  • A large inter-connected grid of wind turbines and solar cells, optimizing their output and respond to the weather patterns for both output and operational safety


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